About us

Founded on the principle of providing a distinguished service, Stallion Realty was born.

Why “Stallion”? “It’s simple”, states the Founder and Entrepreneur Stephen Cromie. “When you see a stallion horse come in amongst other horses, you notice the difference immediately, by the way it presents itself, the strength and confidence it portrays. It is regal, in every sense of the word. These are qualities that set Stallion Realty apart from the rest. We take pride in everything we do, and we do it with confidence, that is not built on egos, but by knowing the property market intimately. These combined qualities are what gives us our strength and confidence to successfully sell or lease your property”.

Our company branding may be new, however, it is built on a strong foundation of over 27 years in the property market, and over $1 billion in transactional experience.

When you couple our qualities with our proven marketing and sales strategies, you will be amazed at the results we achieve for you!


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